New project now launching!

To take part in the  new SET SAIL project, scroll down to see what has been added!

Born out of a need to work online during the closure of the Museum due to the Coronavirus pandemic 2020, SET SAIL is a chance to get involved with the museum in a digital way, in order to SET SAIL on a virtual voyage.

Join CM Museum on a virtual voyage:
The SET SAIL project will allow us to:
S (Stay home)
E (Engage)
T (Together)


S (Story)
A (Art/artefacts)
I  (Info)
L (Links)
S (Share)
E (Entertain)
T (Team up!)


S (Surprise)
A (Amaze)
I  (Inspire)
L (Learn)

You can look at the images, click on the links, read stories and poems, find out more about our collections or have a go at one of the challenges.

You can also check out the LILAC2020 collection as we build a ‘Life in Lockdown’ Archive Collection 2020